Bericht vom Kinderhaus in Kathmandu

Kinderhaus Kathmandu Nepal
Land opposite the Children’s Home – pictured before the earthquake

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Dear Friends,

Just to let you know that our children (Anm.: ROKPA Kinderhaus in Kathmandu) are OK. All of them were in our dining room saying prayers before lunch when it happened. So having had training in what to do, they all ran outside. Since then they have been sitting on your new land opposite the Children’s Home and even cooked there. They will sleep there too as it is not safe to go back in.

BJ, ROKPA child, now manager there, has been amazing and immediately after managed to let me see them and greet them through skype. But mostly the contact is cut off. We don’t have any news of some of the older children who were outside and of relatives and friends. I have been getting messages and queries from all over the world. Thank  you for your compassion.

Many have asked me what they can do now to help: I think at this moment the best you can do is  raise funds for us. There are cracks in the walls of our Home and we think there will be so  much damage to repair. And people to help and relatives to find and clothes to hand out, etc. So whatever help you can give now and collect will be enormously appreciated!

Thank you for your kindness!
Lea Wyler ROKPA international

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